Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Fresh Bagels

The Bagel Shoppe is open 24/7 and is one of the happeningest hot spots in town. Bagels, all kinds, always fresh, all the time. Customers have become almost fanatically loyal and there are some local businesses that simply won't put out the "Open for Business" sign until the boss and/or employees have had their morning bagel fix.

Likewise, the lunch crowd is lined up out the door by 11:30 A.M. even though the Shoppe's famous Meal-in-a-Bagel doesn't go on sale until 12:00 noon.

And the after-five folks are not to be dismissed, no siree. Then there's the late-late night after hours crew that always drops in once the local clubs and bars have called last call. There will never be a last call at the Shoppe.

So, who are these people, these customers, these loyalists? Tell a few of their stories and how do they connect... or not... with one another?

Three regular customers show up precisely at 5:30 A.M. every morning, each getting a large order of bagels that will be taken to their respective workplaces. If a reality-TV spy camera followed each of those orders, what would we see?

What kinds of workplaces and coworkers and bosses will we meet? What's happening there and where do our bagel-carriers fit in?

The elderly couple who seem so frail haven't missed a day since the Shoppe opened fifteen years ago. What time of day or night do they show up and why is that significant to their story?

The punky-goth girl who's feeling more and more estranged from her goth friends is starting to feel more and more connected to the sunny disposition of the Shoppe's owner. Why is that?

And who is this owner who has inspired such devotion and why are HIS bagels the most sought after in town? What is it about him and the business that he's created that makes people enjoy just being near him? Is he good? Or, is he evil?

If you get any more ideas of you rown that you can add on to any of this, go for it! Hopefully, you'll get a story or paragraph or scene idea out of the exercise.

What makes any object, place, location, business feel "special?"