Monday, December 17, 2007

Hatch's Plot Bank

This site is designed to help novel, short story, movie, television, play, and video game writers develop new plot ideas. Over 2000 scenarios ranging from the normal to the bizarre are provided as a spark for the imagination. Some plots are sitcom cliches (that might deserve a new twist) while others are unusual happenings gleaned from the world of news and a few odd minds. Other story ideas are subtle suggestions that could be taken several ways - according to your mood or whim at the moment. Some others are everyday situations given an interesting wrinkle. Take a look for yourself.

Is Blogger having a freaky DOS attack or what?

What the H-E-Double-L is going on around here? I can get to the "Compose" page and my Dashboard but none of my blogs will open and the Blogger Help Page will not open and no other Blogger pages will open. It's as if everything has so slowed down it will be the next millenia before I see anything.

What the hey??????